Water, sanitation and hygiene

Safe water and sustainable sanitation for all

UNICEF Bangladesh operates on the basis of children's lifecycle, tracking their complex needs from before birth to adolescence.

An innovative approach, it allows sectors such as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to converge with other UNICEF sectors for addressing common priorities while maintaining a similar pace.

Priorities for children vary depending on their age and are implemented in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh. Below are two of such priorities

টিউবওয়েল থেকে পানি ওঠাচ্ছে শিশু

At hilly terrains, urban slums, river islands, coastal regions and wetlands, there is still very few reliable access to safe water sources.

ঢাকার কচুক্ষেতে বউবাজার বস্তির দৃশ্য

People living in poor households are ten times more likely to use unimproved sanitation than those living in more affluent households.