Tips for parents and caregivers: How to interact with children

During times of crisis, not only children, but parents and caregivers can also find themselves in a difficult situation. Here are a few tips!

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15 April 2022

Parents and caregivers can find themselves in difficult situations, especially in times of crisis. It is difficult for a guardian to care for children when they are in distress themselves. Psychological first aid for children also includes helping parents and caregivers to better perform their responsibilities and support their children.

Here are a few tips for parents and guardians:


• Create a warm and safe environment.

• Wrap up and cradle the child.

• Maintain a regular sleeping and eating schedule for the child, as much as possible.

• Speak calmly and gently.

• Keep the child away from loud noises and chaotic situations.


• Dedicate time and pay attention to the child.

• Maintain a regular sleeping and eating schedule for the child, as much as possible.

• Explain that they are not to blame.

• If possible, create an environment where children can play and relax.

• Give simple answers about what has happened. Do not provide details that may frighten the child.

• If the child is afraid or doesn’t want to leave your side, let them stay near you.

• Remind them often that they are in a safe place.

• Be patient with children who begin to exhibit certain behaviors such as sucking their thumb or wetting the bed.

• Avoid separating young children from their families.


• Dedicate time and pay attention to them.

• Help maintain a normal routine.

• Provide facts about what happened and what is happening.

• Do not expect them to be resilient; they should be free to feel their emotions.

• Listen to them without criticizing.

• Set clear rules and outline expectations.

• Ask about the dangers they have encountered, support them, and discuss how they can avoid further harm.


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