Family means overcoming difficulties together

Family means happiness, love, and strength.

UNICEF Armenia
Ժպտացող Մանեի լուսավոր նկարն է: Նա հաշմանդամություն ունի և սայլակով է տեղաշարժվում:
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23 January 2019

Family means happiness, love, and strength. Family members accept and love each other unconditionally. A family does not despair when, four days after your birth, the doctor mentions what is still an unfamiliar diagnosis to mum and dad, grandma and grandpa. Family means overcoming difficulties together.

Around the world, children with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. Labelling, neglect and prejudice are just a few of the obstacles that society places before them and their families.

Children with disabilities must be a part of, not apart from, the daily lives of their families, communities and societies.

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UNICEF Armenia

Inclusive education provides an opportunity to maximize the full potential of every child's physical, cognitive, emotional and social development, which is also possible when a child is growing up in a family environment and is actively communicating with his or her peers.