Self-Support Handbook for Adolescents in War and Post-War Situations

This handbook helps teenagers in identifying and understanding their emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and ways to support their well-being during war and post-war situations.

Դեռահաս աղջիկները և տղաները միասին երգում են բակում։
UNICEF Armenia/2020/Anush Babajanyan


During war and post-war situations, many negative changes emerge and affect our thoughts, bodies, emotions and behaviors.

This handbook details the possible feelings and changes adolescents can experience in these challenging times. It includes a range of practical exercises, techniques and skills for adolescents to utilize and learn how to cope with potential challenges that they may be experiencing.

This handbook is also recommended for parents, as well as professionals working with children and adolescents, such as psychologists, social workers, caregivers, educators.

Կապույտ ֆոնին դեռահասների իլուստրացիա։
Parenting School Armenia, UNICEF
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