January - June 2023. UNICEF Venezuela Response

Find in this report a summary of UNICEF's response in the country during the period January - June 2023.

Pedro Ogando, WASH specialist, shows a girl the correct handwashing technique at a UNICEF-supported school located in San Francisco de Guayo in Delta Amacuro state.
UNICEF Venezuela


  • From January to June 2023, UNICEF Venezuela reached around 623,315 people, including 384,808 children (49.2 percent girls) with integrated lifesaving interventions.
  • During the first semester, 101,751 children under five (50.2 percent girls) were screened for acute malnutrition, of which 6,819 children identified with moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) and 1,749 children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM), were admitted for RUTF treatment. As of 30 June, 67.8 percent of the children admitted into MAM and SAM treatment in 2023 have been discharged as cured.
  • Approximately, 256,500 people (31.6 percent children) gained access to safe water in five priority states thanks to UNICEF support to water treatment plants, including through the rehabilitation of water pumping, treatment, disinfection, and distribution systems, as well as installation of solar-powered technologies.
  • 3,279 out-of-school children (45.8 percent girls) gained access to alternative learning opportunities supported by UNICEF and its implementing partners in six states.
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UNICEF Venezuela
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