UNICEF ratifies the National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela as Goodwill Ambassador for children's rights

This 2022, El Sistema celebrates 18 years of holding that appointment, and will continue to promote the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents in the country

24 November 2022
una niña y un niño acompañan al Representante de UNICEF y al Director de Fundamusical en el escenario del Centro de Acción Social por la Música en Caracas, en el marco del concierto de ratificación de El Sistema como Embajador de Buena Voluntad
UNICEF Venezuela/2022/Párraga

CARACAS, NOVEMBER 25, 2022.- The National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela, made up of more than one million boys, girls, adolescents, and young people, has been ratified today as UNICEF's National Goodwill Ambassador.

The figure of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador includes prominent individuals or institutions in the fields of arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sport, and other areas of public life who express an interest in helping to raise awareness about the goals, objectives, and priorities of the institution, further expanding the dissemination and promotion of messages on children's rights.

18 years after being named ambassador for children's rights, El Sistema today received ratification for the 2022-2024 period from the UNICEF Representative, Abubacar Sultan.

"This decision is made based on the commitment demonstrated during 18 years of work by El Sistema alongside UNICEF to promote the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents in the country and because of the scope that as an institution it has to reach Venezuelan children and their families”, mentioned the UNICEF Representative.

UNICEF and El Sistema, whose governing body is the Simón Bolívar Musical Foundation, work based on annual programs so that more and more adolescents, boys, girls, and their families know and assert the rights of children, as established in the Convention on Children's Rights.

In addition to communication and dissemination activities on rights, UNICEF and El Sistema carry out joint actions to promote child participation, and others of an educational nature on topics such as handwashing, teamwork, and violence prevention; as well as training programs for teachers and other adults on the protection and safeguarding of children.

“Today we celebrate with great emotion that for 18 years we have had the support of Unicef and that we renew our vows as its National Goodwill Ambassadors. This ratification of the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, through its Representative Abubacar Sultan, for the period 2022-2024, strengthens the human and spiritual commitment of all the members of the institution, to continue the worthy work begun by Maestro José Antonio Abreu as a promoter of the universal rights of children and adolescents”, stated Eduardo Méndez, executive director of the Simón Bolívar Musical Foundation.

The act of ratification of El Sistema as UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador culminated with a concert where the Evencio Castellanos Youth Orchestra together with the Niños Cantores de Venezuela (NCV) performed the Unicef Anthem “Lullaby” by Steve Barakaff. Later the NCV together with its director Paola Otero sang: Kyrie de la Misa Jazz by Bob Chilcott, Mazapán con miel a traditional Argentine Christmas carol, Sympaatti by Aulis Sallinen, Alfonsina and the Sea with music: Ariel Ramírez and lyrics by Félix Luna and La Zaranda by Henry Martínez and Arrangement: Oswaldo Aquique.

The evening continued with the Orquesta Preinfantil Metropolitana (OPM) and its director Josbel Puche, they performed: Te Deum by Larry Clark arranged by Pablo Segura; Colossus by Marc-Antoine Charpentier and Gipsy by Merle Isaac. To close the event, the pre-infant orchestra and the children's singers come together to offer the audience the works: Venezuela by Pablo Herreros and José Luis Armenteros with an adaptation by Pablo Segura; Merengue of the first by Carlos Medrano and the Parranda del niño with arrangements: choral Maibel Troia and orchestral by Leonardo Montufar.



About El Sistema

Almost five decades of uninterrupted work have made the dream that Maestro José Antonio Abreu set out to become a reality that inspires beyond our borders. In 1975, Maestro Abreu proposed and was invited to transform music education in the country and create a cultural and social movement. Today, we can say that music in Venezuela is available to everyone and is one of the main tools for social and cultural advocacy. El Sistema will celebrate 48 years of sowing music and hope; transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, youth, families, and communities; spreading a message of peace and firm belief in the power of the arts to change our society. The achievements of this sustained work and the commitment of El Sistema are reflected in the more than one million children and young people who daily benefit from the program, through 443 nuclei and 1704 modules distributed in all the states of Venezuela. El Sistema is a social and cultural program sponsored by the Venezuelan State, developed by the Simón Bolívar Musical Foundation, an entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power of the Office of the Presidency and Monitoring of Government Management. It is a free social, pedagogical, and artistic model that incorporates children and young people from all social classes, from the age of 2.

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UNICEF has been working in Venezuela since 1991 through a Country Program which is agreed upon and signed with the National Government, transforming the commitment into actions that contribute to the protection and strengthening of the rights of children and adolescents.

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