Research and reports

UNICEF’s work is grounded in empirical data, rigorous research and thoughtful analysis.

Two children (a boy and a girl) writing in notebooks

Public finance for children

UNICEF and the Ministry of Finance and Planning of the United Republic of Tanzania have been jointly analyzing public expenditure on children since 2016. The 2018 edition of budget briefs is the second in the series.

These briefs focus on analyzing and monitoring budget allocations in key social sectors like health, education, WASH and HIV/AIDS, especially since these affect children.

They provide an overview of the public expenditure, and emphasize on critical dimensions such as spending trends, execution performance, equity aspects, fiscal decentralization, and sources of funding.

Publications catalogues

The Knowledge for Children in Africa publication catalogue collects studies and reports that are being produced on the continent, representing the collective knowledge supported by UNICEF.

The aim of the catalogue is to create an increased demand for products that will be produced by UNICEF over the coming year, and to provide timely information on the knowledge UNICEF and partners are generating in Africa.

The availability of knowledge and evidence is crucial for informing policies and programmes to ensure they have an impact on children and contribute to the realization of children’s rights.