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Cash Plus: Opening the window of opportunity for adolescents in Tanzania

UNICEF photo

Halima had to take on the reins of becoming the breadwinner and caretaker of her family when she was only nine. She was sent to help take care of her bibi (grandmother). Now 19, Halima is participating in a new Cash Plus initiative, which aims to support the transition to adulthood of 2,500 adolescents living in households enrolled in the government’s social protection programme.

Zanzibar seeks to create a social movement to end violence against women and children

A girl pushes another on a swing

The Zanzibar Government has made a bold commitment to end violence against women and children.

Violence is a daily reality for significant numbers of women and children in Zanzibar, the semi-autonomous island archipelago that constitutes part of the United Republic of Tanzania. 14 per cent of women in Zanzibar experience physical violence and almost one in ten women experience sexual violence. One in ten males and one in twenty females report experiencing sexual violence in childhood. More than two out of three children experience physical violence before the age of eighteen years.

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