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24 November 2021
Mental Health platforma
UNICEF Srbija / 2021

Belgrade, 16 November 2021 – An online platform called "Everything is OK", supported by UNICEF in Serbia in cooperation with OPENS, NADEL and experts from the Institute of Mental Health, was launched today. It will provide young people with relevant and accurate information on mental health and access to the existing services and online counseling. The platform is also a useful source of information for parents, teachers, social workers and all those who provide support to young people. 

Almost a quarter of the youth worldwide is struggling with mental health issues. Even more young people are facing numerous challenges on a daily basis, which could lead to such problems. Young people in Serbia encounter similar challenges.

According to UNICEF research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the families in Serbia, conducted during the 3 waves, between March 2020 and May 2021, mental health deteriorated in 17 percent of children and young people. The most negative impact was sustained by the adolescents aged 13 to 17, from families with lower socio-economic status, from Belgrade and other urban centers - even 44 percent had difficulty concentrating, and the most common problem their parents reported was adolescent irritability.

"Open conversation is very important for the mental health of young people. However, they rarely turn to experts for help, as shown by the U-Report survey from April 2021. Only 18 percent would turn to a psychologist for help, and only three percent to doctors. In order to support children and young people, and raise awareness of the importance of mental health, we launched the platform 'Everything is OK'.  We are aware that with the abundance of information available on the Internet it is questionable whether we select the right ones, and this website will assist with that specific issue,” pointed out Ms. Stanislava Vučković, Head of the Program for the adolescent and youth development at UNICEF in Serbia.

On the website "Everything is Ok” there is useful information about the problems that young people face and about proven methods to solve them.  

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