Positive parenting

A gift for a lifetime.

Mother playing with her son
UNICEF Serbia/2019/Djalic

In order for development to be successful, a child needs a safe and stimulating environment, that supports and understand him; an environment in which she feels safe, to which he belongs, in which she can explore, learn and succeed.

A positive and active approach helps your child to grow and develop more easily and comfortably.

Love, talking, reading, and playing with children impact the relationships your child will build with others, but also how their cognitive, communication and self-control skills will develop.

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Research shows that both mothers and fathers are important for the proper development of a child.

Children who grow up surrounded by the love and trust of their parents, as well as between their parents, get the confidence to explore their environment and learn.

When fathers are engaged in day-to-day interactions with children, they show greater progress.

A family in which both mom and dad participate equally in the child's upbringing, in care, play, learning and all other activities, significantly contribute to the child's confidence, the child achieves emotional stability and better success in everything he or she does.

Learning through play



To be able to take good care of a child, as a parent, it is important to take care of yourself.

It is important that you are satisfied with yourself, stable and confident in yourself so that you can be devoted to your child, their needs and development.

In this kind of approach, the support of friends, family, and the wider community play a key role. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

By creating a healthy family environment in which your child feels protected and accepted, and you are happy and successful, you encourage the development of your child in the best possible way.

Do not try to make your child INCREDIBLE! He or she already is.