Early moments matter

Life begins with the first 1,000 days crucial for a child’s brain development.

UNICEF Serbia/2017/Szabo

Why are the first 1,000 days important?

In the first years of life, neurons in a child's brain form new connections at the astounding rate of 700 – 1,000 per second: a pace never repeated again.

These connections are the building blocks of a child’s future. But if the blocks are not fully built up, then a child’s development is seriously affected, sometimes irreversibly.

Nurturing care for every child

The early moments of life offer an unparalleled opportunity to build the brains of the children who will build the future.

Don`t miss the opportunity to cuddle your baby. By putting your baby on your chest, you provide love, a sense of security, stimulate brain development and the immune system.

Breastfeeding is more than a meal – it provides love, boosts your child’s immune system, stimulates brain development and self-confidence that will last forever.

Don`t miss the opportunity to read to your child for at least 15 minutes every day. That’s how you encourage your child to think, learn language skills, and how to make social connections.

Don`t miss the opportunity to play with your child, it will help nurture imagination, and encourage your child to think and learn.