Private Sector

Strong partnerships with the private sector make UNICEF’s work for children possible.

Children attending kindergarten waving at the camera
UNICEF Serbia/2016/Bicanski

UNICEF works closely with multinational corporations, and national companies and small businesses to leverage the strengths of business on behalf of children.

In turn, UNICEF helps companies strengthen their commitment to the communities in which they operate, and achieve greater social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility

Children are key stakeholders of business – as consumers, family members of employees and young workers, and as future employees and business leaders.

At the same time, children are key members of the communities and environments in which business operates.

Investing in children is good for business: it provides the foundation for a safe and sustainable future where social and economic development and progress go hand-in-hand.

The interests of children and of business are inextricably linked: resilient and sustainable societies and business environments will only be possible if children’s rights are protected and promoted.

It is equally in the interest of business to put children’s interests at the core of their business models and practices.

Brands – from Telenor and Nordeus to Lego – leverage their resources and drive innovation to support UNICEF’s work to reach every child.  By fostering the rights of children, together we are building a safer world, for every child.

Boy with disability swings in a swing for disabled children
UNICEF Serbia/2017/Szabo

Children’s Rights and Business Principles

Principle-based business is critical.

As more companies take up the challenge of advancing human rights, environmental protection, labour standards and anti-corruption, they can not only prevent harm, but also make positive contributions to longer-term sustainable peace and development.

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles provide a child rights lens to businesses’ role in sustainable development, guiding companies on a full range of actions they can take in the workplace, marketplace and community to respect and support child rights.

The Principles call on the business community to do no harm, evaluate its impact on the rights of children, and take action to make a positive difference for children.

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