Child rights monitoring

UNICEF collects data and monitors the situation of women and children in Serbia.

Father carries daughter in his arms while she hugs him
UNICEF Serbia/2016/Milenkovic


There are widening equity gaps between national averages and the most marginalised children.

Data show that there are large disparities in the status of certain groups of children; depending on whether they live in urban or rural area, and on the level of education and socio-economic status of their parents. 

Children playing the park and smiling
UNICEF Serbia/2016/Milenkovic


UNICEF supports the process of system reforms, we are active in monitoring the implementation of laws and policies aimed at children and establishing an accountability system.

UNICEF analyses data trends, and emphasises patterns found within the data.

We advise on how these data can be used strategically to inform programmatic efforts.

Where possible, data are disaggregated by gender, age, residence, household income, education, and other key social and demographic variables to help uncover possible risk factors and inequities.

We contribute to the creation of inclusive national policies, laws and programmes, as well as the development of mechanisms for monitoring and addressing violations of child rights.