MICS: rural/urban disparities in the situation of children and women

in Serbia

Mima, the Roma health mediator, and Aca Cvetkovic talk about school.
UNICEF Serbia/2017/Pancic


Serbia was one of the few European countries that were not on track to reach the MDG drinking water target by 2015. On the other hand, Serbia was on track to reach the MDG sanitation target by 2015.

Global and national reports indicate that despite the increase in coverage of infrastructure, inequalities in access remain.

The differences appear between urban-rural populations, households of different wealth levels, people with different levels of education, etc.

In the domestic context, inequalities occur between the urban and rural populations. In addition, intra-urban and intra-rural inequalities are also indicated, and to a large extent these are differences between the general and the Roma population.

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