12 September 2022

Be the hand that loves and the word that guides

Every parent strives to provide their child with the best opportunities for development, care, support and protection while they are growing up. With the development of society, the challenges of modern life, but also with new knowledge, parents are getting chances and opportunities to improve their approaches to raising their children. During the…, GUIDE FOR PARENTS - COUNT TO 5, 1 - Provide, When children understand instead of being afraid, they accept boundaries and rules as their own It is important to understand the child, their way of thinking and their needs, and for the child to know that we are always there as reliable support. When we create such a relationship of trust, the child will understand and accept the boundaries with…, 2 - Reconsider, Parents also learn and grow with new knowledge, to provide the best in the field of parenting We adopt parenting methods even before we become parents, and this is the foundation that we all start from. In the meantime, we and the world around us are changing, and together with our children, we are facing new and different challenges, and that is…, 3 - Avoid, Self-control is an important skill, so that the child can grow up safe and without pain As a child develops and learns to manage their feelings, it is common for them to sometimes show resistance, disagreement, and a tendency to defy the rules. Violent disciplining of such behaviours harms the child and the parent-child relationship. nonviolent…, 4 - Apply, Choose non-violent parenting methods, so that the child can acquire new knowledge in a calm and safe way There are a number of methods that can help us focus, calm or change the child’s behaviour in a way that will be better and more beneficial for both the child and our relationship. Non-violent and constructive solutions are possible and are the…, 5 - Seek help, Parents know better what is best for their child when they research and ask for support and advice A parent knows their child better than anyone and does what’s best for the child. That is precisely why it is very important to always look for as much quality information, advice and support as possible, because parenting is an important and…, Children with disabilities, Disciplining is an integral part of parenting and growing up of every child. When a child has a developmental or physical disability or a health problem, the parenting challenges parents face can be more demanding. Consistency and patience and the family as a team – those are the key strengths in ensuring care for the child, re-assessing, changing…, Adolescents, The period of adolescence has its own challenges. As the child grows and changes, the parenting practices of parents also gradually change and “grow”. On that path, it is equally important to understand what adolescents need from their parents, to be aware of the most common parental mistakes, and to be ready to apply the educational strategies…, Video materials