National gender-responsive teacher training package

Building gender equality in every classroom in Rwanda

Jerome Niryayo reads in the reading room at Kanyina School in Nyarugenge, Rwanda.


This National Gender Responsive Teacher Training Package is developed to guide both teachers and school leaders in facilitating teaching in a school environment that is gender responsive. The package enables teachers and learners to apply techniques and share activities that can be used in classroom settings. 

This package has five sections:

  1. Rationale of the Gender-Responsive Training Package.
  2. Learning outcomes and concepts related to gender and education.
  3. Gender-responsive pedagogy, including responsive teaching and learning environments, gender language use in the classroom, teaching and learning resources, lesson planning and delivery, gender-responsive interactions, and gender-responsive assessment.
  4. Gender-responsive school leadership, including child protection and school safety, gender responsive budgeting, and teacher training and professional development.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation on gender responsive pedagogy, with sub sections on the importance of monitoring and evaluation in gender responsive pedagogy, parental and community involvement in gender responsive pedagogy, and a guide to using the checklist.
National Gender-Responsive Teacher Training Package - Cover
UNICEF Rwanda, Rwanda Ministry of Education
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