Child Care Reform Programme in Rwanda

Processes, lessons learnt, summary and case studies of the "Tubarerere mu Muryango" child care reform programme in Rwanda between 2012 and 2018

One of Rwanda's "Friends of the Family" child protection volunteers visits a family in Rwamagana District and reads some educational materials with the parents.


There is widespread global agreement that children should grow up safe and protected in families, rather than in harmful institutional care. In Rwanda, the Government has developed an ambitious programme of care reform and family strengthening called Tubarerere Mu Muryango (TMM), translated to Let’s Raise Children in Families.

This programme has been supported by UNICEF, and has seen over 3,000 children reunited with families and communities since 2012. The programme is rooted in Rwandan cultural values, which place a strong emphasis on family care.

This package includes the following materials documenting successes and lessons learnt from implementation of the child care reform programme between 2012 and 2018:

  1. Summary evaluation of the TMM programme: phase I
  2. Process and lessons learnt from care reform in Rwanda (2012-2018)
  3. Programme brief: Let's raise children in families
  4. Programme brief: Building the social service workforce
  5. Programme case study: The essential roles of the Rwandan social service workforce in supporting the reintegration of children into family and community life
  6. Child case study: Divine
  7. Child case study: Michelle
  8. Child case study: Thierry
  9. Care Reform in Rwanda: a virtual study tour 
  10. Facilitators Training Manual 
  11. Operational Guide 
  12. Participants Training Handbook 
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UNICEF Rwanda, National Commission for Children, USAID
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