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Pledge donors are crucial to achieving results for children.

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Join our UNICEF friend’s community! Unity is our strength.

Monthly donations through direct debit

We need partners who want a real change that can be achieved in time. It takes two minutes to complete and sign a Direct Debit form. Our fundraisers will guide you. Later, your bank will verify and process the Direct Debit form and your account will be monthly debited with the chosen amount.

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SMS pledge

SMS is a handy method for monthly donations. Your donation is proceeded within seconds and UNICEF finds out in real time how many donations has received. Send an SMS with the text COPIL to 8864 and donate 4 euros monthly or to 8844 and the value of the monthly donation is 2 euros.

SMS Pledge

Online monthly donations

You can sign-up for recurring donations within few clicks and the gifts continue indefinitely until you decide to stop, without having to go through the process every time you want to give. Pledge funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest.

Online monthly donations