#StayAtHome: Journals by children amid the COVID-19 pandemic - Blog 2

A special mini-series written by children for children

Theodora & Dominique - Children's Board
A child takes photos of the wall of commitments built symbolically during a Romanian Children's Board workshop on January 13, 2020.
Norbert Fodor
20 March 2020
Hello! Another day, another blog post from the Children’s Board. Its members are at home, following experts’ advice.
Today, Theodora and Dominique will share a couple of examples about how they manage to keep in touch with teachers and to keep up with lessons.


Now that schools are closed, everyone wonders what will happen with school classes. Some teachers have assigned homework before the start of the “staycation” (as the Versus Magazine calls it), while others continue to keep in touch with students through online platforms, or they video-record themselves teaching.

My teachers fall in the first category. We received homework before the decision to shut down schools came to effect, but this does not mean that we are no longer in touch with them. On the contrary, they told us that we can call them whenever we need advice or additional explanations.

I have talked with several students in my school about how they continue schoolwork, and it seems that the most popular method is via Whatsapp or Facebook groups. The teacher sends files with worksheets, and the students take photos of their homework and upload them on social media or send them by email; afterwards, their homework is graded. Video conferences are also used, as teachers encourage students to sign up to Skype or Zoom, so as to simulate a regular class.



There are so many ways to keep in touch with the school community; whichever you choose, don't forget to take care of your health, wash your hands, and most importantly, #stayathome.

Dominique, 17, Râmnicu Vâlcea

We are using Zoom; actually, we have learned about trigonometric functions today. The teacher showed us some PDFs with theoretical notions; we could all hear and see each other. There were 27 of us today and it went well, with no interruptions.

Theodora, Râmnicu Vâlcea

Another interesting, easy to use platform is Google Classrooms. The teacher can post announcements or assignments with the expected completion time, and you can do your homework directly in the application.

All the websites mentioned above are free. All you need is an account to log in.

For students in the 8th or 12th grade who want additional preparation for the exam subjects, the Romanian Television, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research, launched the Teleșcoala (Teleschool) TV show, from Monday to Friday, on TVR2, where teachers cover the most important topics. For the 11th graders, who are preparing for the mock exams, I would like to recommend http://subiecte2019.edu.ro/2019/simulare/simulare_bac_XI/.

Furthermore, as COVID-19 is no longer present in just one country, but involves the whole world, Estonia has shared a list of free platforms for distance learning with the rest of countries. You can access it here.

There are so many ways to keep in touch with the school community; whichever you choose, don't forget to take care of your health, wash your hands, and most importantly, #stayathome.

And, in order to put a smile on our face and to raise awareness on ways to protect ourselves, the Children's Board has prepared some videos for us. Check UNICEF in Romania on TikTok for more details!