Study on the necessity of the implementation of the INS for the FDPS

Implementation of the Integrated National Strategy for the Formation and Development of Parenting Skills


Fast-moving social life changes call for a lifelong renewal of knowledge, skills and values, with parents being the largest group in need of such upgrading.
In systematic terms, parent education emerges as a component of the education system as well as a lifelong learning dimension.
Except for some career upgrading programmes, adult education cannot be made compulsory; it needs to be tailored to the needs of various adult groups and to offer learners more liberal conditions for self-education and self-assessment, for choosing learning contents and methods, place and time. In this context, parents and future parents, as target groups, need a highly flexible, dynamic and adjustable education system, which will have to meet parents‟ requirements and needs.

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Viorica Preda, Adina Ovedenie

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