A guide to telemedicine in primary healthcare

The guide is designed as a tool in support of family doctors


In the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to reduce doctor visits without compromising access to essential health services has brought telemedicine back into the spotlight around the world, including in Romania. The widespread adoption of telemedicine during the pandemic has highlighted the need for further development and even diversification of telemedicine services in the post-pandemic period4.

The impact of telemedicine services is expected to be positive not only in terms of improving patients' access to healthcare, but also in terms of reducing their need to travel which, by reducing the use of transport, helps bring down pollution, thus yielding indirect environmental benefits5.

For all its advantages, however, it is often the case that technology cannot substitute an in-person consultation, which is why each doctor or care team must first consider whether it is appropriate to carry out a remote consultation, or even to continue it if it is already underway.

A guide to telemedicine in primary healthcare
Andrea Elena Neculau, Anca Maria Lăcătuș, Marius Mărginean, Dana Fărcășanu
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Romanian, English