Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergency, Standard Operational Guidance, Myanmar 2022

IYCF-E SOG, Myanmar, 2022

UNICEF Myanmar
UNICEF Myanmar/2022/Nyan Zay Htet


This Standard Operational Guidance (SOG) was mainly written by Dr Kyaw Win Sein, Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF and Dr Saw Eden, Nutrition Advisor, Save the Children.

The key driver for updating of this guidance is Maternal Infant and Child Nutrition (MICN) Implementation Plan 2021-2025. The former IYCF-E operational guidelines were developed and implemented since cyclone Nargis struck in Myanmar in 2008 and it was applied in all types of emergency up to 2021. The guidelines needed to be updated as per global recommendations and local context. Because of the military take over on February 1, 2021, all stakeholders agreed to update as interim documents.

There are three chapters in this IYCF-E SOG such as (1) introduction, (2) framework of action and (3) interventions. The chapter two outlines guidance to implement in preparedness and during emergency response to ensure that an Infant and Young Child Friendly Environment is created. The Framework has 9 Steps to be undertaken in Myanmar. Each step has performance target, activities and time frame. Section three provides an overview of the IYCF-E Interventions that can be included as part of an emergency nutrition response in Myanmar. There are 19 annexes which support the fully implementation of the programme.  

UNICEF Myanmar
Dr Kyaw Win Sein, Dr Saw Eden
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