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According to recent global estimates, one in three internet users is a child.  In Montenegro, 91 per cent of children are online and most of them, 87 per cent, are online every day.

Growing up online brings many opportunities and risks at the same time. As a society, we have a responsibility to teach children to use internet safely and responsibly. We need to support every child to grow up into an active and responsible digital citizen.

For this reason, UNICEF Montenegro joined the global UNICEF campaign End Violence Online in June 2016.

Montenegrin campaign is based on the nationally representative research about children’s and parents’ online experiences. This research was conducted within the Global Kids Online research network developed by the UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti in collaboration with London School of Economics. The objective is to support evidence based policy making that will ensure that children’s rights are safeguarded in an inclusive and participatory digital society.

The campaign is developed within the #WeProtect – a global initiative created by the UK government to tackle online child sexual abuse and exploitation that includes UNICEF’s programme to address the issue in 17 countries.

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