Southern families become more resilient

Thanks to the social protection programme to face drought: Toseke Vonje Aigne

Irenée Ravelojaona
Tosika Vonjy Aina
UNICEF Madagascar/2021
11 June 2021

Voafide, a 32-year-old single mother with three children, living in the village of Andrimbozo, Commune of Ifotaka, in the South of Madagascar is one of the participants in the Toseke Vonje Aigne programme which means “life-saving aid’’. Thanks to this programme, she can have an allocation of Ariary 80 000, equivalent of USD 22 supported by UNICEF, and contribute to meeting the basic needs of her little family, especially in terms of food.  “We become more resilient in facing the current drought situation which is very alarming this year,’’ she says. “I am a farmer and the lack of rainfall this year made our difficult situation more challenging. I will not be able to plant this year,” she says.

“I am very grateful to UNICEF as without this aid, our situation would be worst. With this allowance, I could buy rice, corns, dry bean, green leaves and other basic products such as oil and soap. My three children could eat and I could even buy school supplies for my two daughters: Sarobidy and Kazy, respectively 9 and 6 years.”

“Now I’m selling firewood and I cannot survive with this type of work. Not only is it hardly sold on the market but also several families of the village engage in the same activity.

I have no income and we live and rely on this allowance for now. This allowance alleviated our distress especially from a psychological point of view because we had hope every month knowing that during this crisis, we regularly receive this allowance.”

She calls for the continuity of this allowance because otherwise, she and her children could not survive such a situation, without rain and therefore the impossibility of working in the fields.

The Toseke Vonje Aigne programme is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Norad, SDG Fund and KOICA.which aims to support households in humanitarian emergencies in coping with drought in the South.