Flash Appeal for the South of Madagascar

18 January 2021
Enfants du Sud de Madagascar

Antananarivo, 18 January 2021 launch of the “Flash Appeal” for an amount of USD 75.9 million – additional resources that will help the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) made up of the United Nations Agencies in Madagascar, the Red Cross, and Non-Governmental Organizations, in support of the Government's priorities and response plan to the humanitarian situation in Southern Madagascar.

This Flash Appeal will help: save lives of 300,000 children under 5 years old suffering from acute malnutrition; prevent a situation of acute malnutrition for 67,750 pregnant or breastfeeding women; improve food security conditions for 1.11 million people; provide access to drinking water and a drip irrigation facility for community vegetable gardens to 420,500 most vulnerable people. The appeal will ensure the free availability of basic health care services for 230,000 people and emergency medical assistance for 23,822 pregnant women to prevent the risk of maternal and neonatal mortality, and also to support 11,900 GBV survivors, so that they can access information on their rights and benefit from medical and/or psychosocial and legal care. Moreover, this appeal will provide school feeding for 150,000 students until the end of the 2020-2021 school year. Finally, 220,000 other people exposed to various protection problems will be cared for and the operational coordination of the responses on the ground will be strengthened.

Because of the situation of exceptional prolonged drought, the most severe over the past 10 years, USD 30 million was mobilized from July to September 2020. This first tranche of the allocation made it possible to avoid a generalized deterioration of the situation.

However, the consequences of the drought itself, compounded by the negative effects of the COVID19 pandemic and the insecurity in certain areas of the “Grand Sud”, have exacerbated the humanitarian situation which has become critical. The drought has continued until now, delaying the start of the current crop year and endangering the next harvests in May/June 2021. The Integrated Phase Classification analysis (IPC) of December 2020 showed that 1.15 million people are expected in the Emergency and Crisis phases, including 135,476 children aged 6-59 months in a situation of acute malnutrition, and 27,134 in a situation of severe acute malnutrition for the period from January to April 2021. The districts of Amboasary and Bekily are in the Emergency phase (IPC phase) while six other districts are in the Crisis phase.

Faced with these projections for the next five months, the government-led response plan – developed under the lead of the National Office for Disaster Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) – for a multisectoral response until May 2021, foresees an unmet need of USD 81.3 million while the resources available at the level of the HCT are becoming exhausted. This need goes beyond the food security sector since it covers other sectors such as Water/Sanitation/Hygiene, Education, Nutrition Security, Protection, Health, Communication/Community Commitment, and Coordination, to provide a package of humanitarian responses.

In consultation with the High Authorities and all humanitarian actors within the HCT, it was proposed to activate the “Flash Appeal” resource mobilization mechanism to allow partners to contribute to unmet needs expressed in the national response plan. This “Flash Appeal” also contributes to the Government’s strategic priorities, particularly the functioning of the Nutritional and Medical Recovery Centres, the Food Bank, the joint strategy on resilient agriculture and WASH, and finally local coordination structures.

In addition to the immediate humanitarian response, long-term solutions through a multi-year strategy are necessary to strengthen the resilience of the population, to address the root causes of multidimensional vulnerabilities, and to support the development of Southern Madagascar and the whole country, in line with the national priorities and the sustainable development goals of Madagascar.

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