Towards a Social Protection Floor for Lebanon

Policy options and costs for core life-cycle social grants, providing concrete recommendations for an integrated crisis response in Lebanon

UNICEF Lebanon


Lebanon is facing a detrimental and multifaceted crisis that threatens to undermine its political, economic, financial, fiscal, and social stability. The country – its people and the Government – is at a critical juncture in which key decisions around the (re)construction of core institutions will determine the success or failure of the country’s immediate recovery plans and long-term trajectory. Social protection will be central to this reconstruction, but temporary or reactive measures will simply not be enough to get the country on track. Lebanon has an opportunity to meet the immense crisis with an equivalent investment in an inclusive, lifecycle social protection system, which will not only provide immediate relief but will fuel a faster recovery and lay the foundation for a stronger economy and society going forward. This will involve establishing lifecycle social grants, such as a Child Grant and a Disability Allowance as soon as possible.

Towards a Social Protection Floor for Lebanon
UNICEF / International Labour Organization
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