A young person's guide to sustainable energy

Key concepts to understanding sustainable energy and its relationship with climate change, the role of young people, and why the world needs a just energy transition.

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The Toolkit for Young Climate Activists in Latin America and the Caribbean was created by young people who, like you, are concerned about our planet and, as activists, have faced many challenges in advocating and working for change. The toolkit aims to share clear and concise information in simple language to help you understand global, regional, and national climate action and prepare you for full and informed participation.

A young person’s guide to sustainable energy is the second publication of this thematic series that supports young people in climate and environmental action. It includes essential information to help readers understand energy and energy transition across the globe and help them take action for a sustainable energy future.

Cover A young person's guide to sustainable energy
Axell Cooper Sutton Antonio, Sara Cognuck González
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Spanish, English

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