Collecting Data on Child Disability

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Collecting Data on Child Disability


The purpose of this booklet is to assist UNICEF staff and our partners to understand why data on disabled children are currently inadequate, the difficulties that surround the gathering of high-quality data on disabled children, and why there is a real need to improve the collection, analysis, dissemination and use of disability data.

  • How a lack of high-quality data is adversely affecting evidence on child disability.

  • How this compromises the ability of countries to ensure disabled children achieve their true potentials.

  • What the key considerations are for data collection, analysis and dissemination.

  • What are the main challenges are to gathering child-disability data.

  • How reliable data are central to advocating for anti-discriminatory policy, and fostering the inclusion of disability on political agendas.

Collecting Data on Child Disability
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