One Planet, #UnaSolaGeneración

A new Campaign for Greater Youth-Led Climate Action in Latin America and the Caribbean

20 November 2020
Young Climate Activists

On World Children’s Day


#UnaSolaGeneración has the support of Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz


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PANAMA CITY, 20 November 20 2020 - In the framework of the celebration of World Children's Day, UNICEF and América Solidaria launched the “Una Sola Generación campaign, promoted by adolescents and young people in favor of greater climate action in Latin America and the Caribbean in times of COVID-19.

Backed by Alejandro Sanz, as part of the social projects supported by the Spanish artist through the awareness and communication platform La Fuerza del Corazón, this initiative seeks to mobilize youth and the community to take action and contribute to the conservation of the environment both individually and collectively.

“If we don’t start to reflect now and change our attitude, this is likely to be the last warning we have from our planet”, said Nicole Becker, 19, co-founder of Jóvenes por el Clima in Argentina UNICEF Young Activist, who is part of the campaign. “So we have to take this opportunity and do things right this time”.

The campaign, promoted by 15 young climate activists from 13 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and Spain, is developed around life stories of young people who have not allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to stop their projects to save the planet.

“The most important and urgent challenge we have is the environment,” said Alejandro Sanz who spoke directly with several of these young activists and admitted feeling very inspired. “It gives me great hope to hear from you. That you know that I will be in the same boat as you and that I will be rowing and fighting in the same direction”.

To join this inclusive campaign, Una Sola Generación invites the public to join by sharing their projects through the ideas bank on the website In addition, it is offered as a platform in which young people share their own experiences and documented projects with support of photo-documentary filmmakers collective, COVID-LATAM.

Through Inside-Out, a public intervention will be held in Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with portraits of 50 young activists for climate change in the region and a call to collective action: If we act today, there is a future.

“Adolescents of our continent are raising their voices with an energy that forces us to react, but also that invites us to join in. It is a call to value the wealth of collective action, but above all, of intergenerational action”, concluded Sebastián Zulueta, executive secretary of América Solidaria.

COVID-19 has exposed deep inequalities in global societies, causing climate action to not be high on the public agendas of many governments. #UnaSolaGeneracion seeks to unite all of society to remind authorities that the pandemic cannot be used as an excuse to stop collective efforts to combat climate change.

“As storms Eta and Iota have evidenced, Latin America and the Caribbean is facing increasingly strong and frequent natural disasters exacerbated by climate change”, said Bernt Aasen, UNICEF Regional Director a.i for Latin America and the Caribbean. “Young people have not stopped taking climate action despite the pandemic, in fact, they have accelerated them. This is a time for all generations to come together to reimagine and rebuild a greener and more sustainable future for all children and adolescents.”



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