Climate Landscape Analysis for Children in Kyrgyzstan

UNICEF Working Paper

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Climate change and environmental degradation undermine children’s rights around the world. As a first step in tackling the issue, the UNICEF Executive Director issued an Executive Directive “Addressing the Impact of Climate Change on Children” in March 2016, instructing all UNICEF Country Offices (COs) to incorporate climate change and related issues in their Country Programmes (CPs). In response to the Executive Directive, the UNICEF Kyrgyzstan CO together with UNICEF HQ (Division for Data Research and Policy) have commissioned this “Climate Landscape Assessment for Children (CLAC)” report. It provides the essential baseline information on climate, environment and energy (CEE) issues affecting children and provides recommendations to the CO on incorporating the most important issues and opportunities in the CP. Below follows a brief overview of the main findings (key messages) and recommendations.

Climate Landscape Analysis for Children in Kyrgyzstan cover
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