02 November 2017

What we do

UNICEF’s work in Kyrgyzstan, In Kyrgyzstan, UNICEF’s Country Programme 2023 - 2027 aims to reach the most disadvantaged children . UNICEF works at policy level with the Government to improve the social system, and on the ground to make sure that this system reaches all children, with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable.  UNICEF works across sectors of child…, Child Protection and Inclusion, Child Protection and Inclusion icon_protection-intro_2.png Child safety through protection and inclusion   UNICEF works to improve the policies and services that protect all children. We aim to make Kyrgyzstan a safe and inclusive place for children to grow.   Explore our child protection and inclusion initiatives  , Сhild Survival, Сhild survival icon_survival-intro.png Helping children to survive and thrive   Child mortality has decreased in Kyrgyzstan. UNICEF works to make sure solutions reach all children, everywhere.   Explore our health initiatives  , Education, Education icon_education-intro.png Education is the key to opportunities   UNICEF believes that quality education is a right for all children.   Explore our education and development initiatives  , Climate Change and Resilience, Climate Change and Resilience icon_climate-intro.png Responding to climate change and building resilience   UNICEF advocates for national investments in preventing climate change consequences for children.   Explore our climate change and emergency preparedness initiatives