Roundtable puts focus on Transforming Education through Digital Learning

14 April 2023
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Pristina, 14 April 2023 -Today, the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MESTI), in collaboration with UNICEF Kosovo and the European Union, hosted a roundtable discussion, under the title: From Policy to Practice: Transforming Education through Digital Learning.

The meeting featured high-level speakers, including His Excellency Prime Minister Albin Kurti, and Ms. Arberie Nagavci, the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. The event gathered together policymakers, education professionals, and representatives from ministries, municipalities, embassies and local and international organizations working in the field of education to discuss the importance of and priorities for advancing digital learning in pre-university education in Kosovo.

“This event is very timely and important to facilitate a broader discussion and coordination among stakeholders on the next steps towards the digital transformation of the education system in Kosovo”, says Arberie Nagavci, Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. “The Kosovo Education Strategic Plan 2022-2026, approved last year, identified digital transformation of education as one of its key pillars – of five pillars in total – in transforming how education is delivered in Kosovo. Digital learning will play an indispensable role in transforming our system to provide the education and the skills that young people need in today’s world”.

The European Union’s assistance to Kosovo in this field is in line with European standards that recognize digitalization of education as a crucial strategic goal for ensuring high-quality teaching and learning in the digital age, based on defined digital competencies for educators, students, and citizens.

 “Digital learning is the pathway for all to acquire critical knowledge and skills”, said Alessandro Biancardi, the Deputy Head of Cooperation Section of the EU in Kosovo. “The EU's support for digitalization of communities and societies stresses the role of digitalization to accelerate economic and social development, as well as ensuring the reduction of inequalities in society, including gender inequality.”

During the round table UNICEF launched a policy brief titled "Transforming education in Kosovo through the” This research was led by UNICEF’s Global Office of Research in collaboration with the University of Pristina and funded by the European Union.

It documents the experience of,- a free online platform launched by MESTI in Kosovo during the pandemic, which allows teachers and students to communicate, share content and collaborate on projects. The platform currently includes 12,000+ video lessons for Grades 1-9 and 21st-century skills-based programs for Grades 10-12, with content in Albanian, Bosnian, Serbian, Turkish, and Roma languages. The policy brief makes clear recommendations, based on global and local experience, for next steps to build on the experience of and advance the digitalization of the education sector.

“With the right implementation, digital learning is a very powerful tool that teachers can use to provide students with interactive, fun and individualized learning, both inside and outside the classroom” says Nona Zicherman, Head of UNICEF in Kosovo. “This is particularly relevant here in Kosovo, where there are many challenges with the quality of teaching and learning. UNICEF calls on all partners to support the implementation of the new Education Strategy, which provides an excellent roadmap, based on global good practices and local experience, to leverage digital and blended learning to create a more student-centered and inclusive education system for every child, especially those at risk of falling behind”.

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