Dissemination of disinformation about vaccination in Kazakhstan in 2020-2021

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The top- ic of the pandemic turned out to be a tasty morsel for cyber fraudsters and people who systematically earn money from disinformation or use distortions and disinformation in order to influence society and achieve political goals around the world. Speculation around possible COVID-19 treatments has filled social networks and messengers, databases of medical preprints (not peer-re- viewed studies, information in which is not yet the subject of scientific consensus and cannot be evidentiary), previously used al- most exclusively within the scientific community, have been used to create sensationalist headlines and materials, mislead- ing millions of people around the world.

The study also shows that despite the stat- ed measures to counteract vaccination dis- information, Big Tech Companies are not making enough efforts to control anti-vac- cine propaganda outside the English-speak- ing segment of the World Wide Web — a huge amount of disinformation remains un- noticed by the algorithms and moderators of Instagram and Facebook. There is nothing at all to stop the disinformation about vaccines on Telegram.

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Zhuldyz Abdilda, Pavel Bannikov, Margarita Bocharova, Adil Dzhalilov, Medet Yesimkhanov, Duman Smakov, Zhanserik Tleukhan.
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Russian, English, Kazakh