Exchange of experience and knowledge

UNICEF provides support to the Government, develops cooperation and trains partners as well as shares its achievements with other countries своих достижений.

Больница в Усть-Каменогорск
UNICEF/2016/Andrey Kim

Exchange of experience and knowledge

The priorities and activities of UNICEF in Kazakhstan have changed along with the country's achievements in the field of children's rights - from the supply of vaccines and implementation of the iodine deficiency reduction program to advisory support on effective fight against HIV and AIDS, improvement of legislation in the field of juvenile justice and prevention of violence in relation to children, reducing the number of children in boarding schools and much more. 

Today, UNICEF continues to support the Government in addressing childhood issues in each city of the country, develops cooperation and trains its partners as well as shares its achievements with other countries. 

Thus, in February 2016, the institution of the Commissioner for Children's Rights was created. Although UNICEF faces the challenge of strengthening its capacity, aligning its mandate with the Paris Principles and developing its regional offices, this achievement is a unique example of how much importance the government attaches to protecting the rights of every child. 

The work to improve the patronage nursing service which involves improving the quality of home-based services for pregnant women, mothers and young children. The innovative part of this direction includes development of a mobile application for patronage nurses (to increase the visit effectiveness) and for parents (to advice on upbringing and development of their children). 

In addition, UNICEF in Kazakhstan assists the Government in prevention of child suicide; reduction of child injuries, including those related to road accidents etc. 

Successful implementation of programs in Kazakhstan is an important example for positive changes throughout the Central Asia region, as the countries of the region are interested in the success story of Kazakhstan in improving the well-being of children.