Online Safeguarding

Guidance to keep children safe online



  • Since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Jordan in March 2020, services providers, children and their families have turned to digital solutions such as using mobile devices, social networking sites and the internet more than ever to support children’s learning, socialization and play;
  • While digital solutions provide huge opportunities for sustaining and promoting children’s rights, if used inappropriately these same tools may also increase children’s exposure to online risks. The increased time spent by children on-line or connected to educators or other service providers via the internet, or via mobile phones could pose a risk to the children, especially if they are left without parental supervision while using those platforms and media;
  • UNICEF Jordan has developed this guidance note, and slide deck for  compliance by its partners to ensure that communication by the service providers with the children is safe for children by promoting awareness and mitigating the risks of or actual harm that children may face online.
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