Who says fathers can't nurture?

They can and do so beautifully.

Vineeta Misra Chitranshi
Tahera Yusuf, an Aanganwadi worker conducts a session on Early Childhood Education (ECE) while children react during an activity at the Aanganwadi centre in Arizal, Jammu & Kashmir.
11 July 2019

For children to survive, thrive and develop to their full potential it is essential that their foundation years are filled with loving care and attention from both parents, not only mothers. With more fathers today participating actively in the parenting journey, early childhood development is more holistic and is ensuring a happier future for children. Meet one of India’s many hero fathers helping their children to get the best start in life.

A family portrait of Daulat Singh, 30 – year old, illiterate father of 2 children, 5- year – old Kishan Singh and 3 – Year old Kanku Singh with his wife Chanpa Bai, 26 year–old Illiterate at their home.

Thirty-year-old Daulat Singh is father to two children five-year-old Kishan Singh and three-year-old Kanku Singh. Although he never went to school himself, he actively participates in taking on the parenting duties with his wife Chanpa Bai.

Anganwadi worker Manju Agarwal with Daulat singh, 30–year old, illiterate father of 2 children and his wife Chanpa Bai, 26 year–old Illiterate during regular home visit.

Daulat Singh is all ears to Manju Agarwal who is an Anganwadi worker. Through her, Daulat and Chanpa have received education on health, nutrition, family planning as well as child growth and development.  Daulat Singh came to know about the importance of playing, interacting and spending time with his children.

Daulat singh, 30 – year old, illiterate father playing with his 5 – year old son Kishan Singh and 3 – year – old Kanku Singh.

He now engages in play with his children and encourages them to learn and share through interaction. He learned that the early years of childhood form the basis of intelligence, personality, social behavior, and capacity to learn and nurture oneself as an adult.

Daulat singh, 30 – year old, illiterate father playing with 3 – year – old Kanku Singh.

These moments are dear to him as well as his kids who are growing up watching their father as an active nurturing parent in the family.

3 - year – old Kanku Sign learning coloring technique at the Kitoda Anganwadi center.

Three-year-old Kanku Singh is a happy child, taking small steps towards new learning every day. It makes a world of difference in the development of a child when there is an atmosphere of care, love, interaction and attention from both parents in a child’s life.