Nelvy has great hopes thanks to distance education

When her school was closed because of the coronavirus, Nelvy continued to study thanks to the radio and increased her motivation to learn.

John Ngombua (translated from French by Darren Ou Yong)
Une élève qui écrit en écoutant la radio
07 June 2021

"The lesson I was most interested in on the radio was about the classification of birds," Nelvy, 10 years old, recalls. When her school had to close its doors because of the coronavirus pandemic, the young student continued to learn through the radio, but also through other means established by her school. “We did our home after following lessons on the radio, and then our parents sent out homework to school,” explains Nelvy.

After schools closed, more than 27 million children were deprived of school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Thanks to the support of the Global Partnership for Education, UNICEF enabled more than 9 million students to continue their education thanks to distance learning alternatives.

In Kikwit, in the Kwilu province, Nelvy and her classmates convened a listening club to follow lessons on the radio. UNICEF distributed radio receivers and exercise books to vulnerable students, and supported 8 local radio stations. When schools re-opened their doors, Nelvy’s listening club continued to get together regularly. “Following lessons on the radio is useful because it allows us to anticipate future subjects, or to better learn others,” affirms Nelvy.

Today, more than ever, Nelvy is motivated to learn and pursue her goals. “I want to become like Mrs Brigitte: in charge of the division on gender, women, family, and the child,” she shares ambitiously.