MICS-Palu 2018

Situation and living conditions of children, women and men in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Un homme, une femme et trois jeunes enfants


The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS-Palu 2018) produces more than 150 key indicators, provides disaggregated data on the situation of children and women and the living conditions of populations in the areas of health, nutrition, education, protection, hygiene and sanitation. It covers subjects that are new or never studied before in the DRC, such as the level of knowledge of adolescents, the level of satisfaction in life, the characteristics of social exclusion, the quality of water and includes tests for parasitaemia and anaemia.

Thanks to unique and recent quality data, it is possible to know where the situation is quite good and where we need to make progress. This detailed knowledge of the situation of children and women, especially the most vulnerable, in each of the 26 provinces of the DRC will make it possible to prioritize actions and investments.

Provincial reports :

Couverture du rapport MICS-Palu 2018
Institut national de la statistique du Ministère du Plan
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