For a safe and enabling environment in schools

As part of a peer abuse prevention program called "For a Safe and Encouraging School Environment," UNICEF has prepared a booklet for parents on how to help and support children who are violent, as well as all other children in situations of peer violence.

Djecak u klupi


In terms of violence and abuse, Croatia is an average of European countries. In our country, 66% of children at school did not experience any violence, and 22% experienced sporadic cases of violence once or twice in a few months. However, 12% of children suffer violence two to three times a month and more often - and we call it violence. There is 69% children who did not participate in the violence, rarely 18% are violent, while 12% are often violent in their own testimony. We say such children tend to abuse others. Most often, children mock and tease, spread false rumors about someone and persuade others not to socialize with him, scoff at someone for descent, exclude someone from the game and isolate him, and grow older with mockery and teasing regarding sexual characteristics. Physical violence is only sixth in our country. In all institutions where there are children, there is always violence and abuse. Children do not know better because they are just learning social skills and the first steps in interpersonal relationships - so they need to be taught and brought up. Failure to do so risks the long-term ugly consequences for them and their present and future environment. There, of course, parents play a crucial role, not just for children who behave violently or suffer, but for all children - because it is important to provide a value system that emphasizes the respect and respect of others and a safe environment for all. In addition, anyone can become a target of violence and abuse at some point.

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