Croatia – analysis of gender issues

The report covers a wide range of issues, including women's participation in the development of a market economy, access to health care and education, trends in the formation of families and violent behavior towards women and girls.

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The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia forbids discrimination based on race, skin color, sex, language, religion, political and other beliefs, national and social origin, education, social position or any other characteristics. Along with this, separate laws that are prohibiting discrimination, promote equality and affirm antidiscrimination measures in all spheres of social life. Despite all the efforts, there are still many problems in the implementation of key laws and policies and main areas of concern are within the sphere of employment and wages, reconciliation of private and public life, gender based violence, education. For this analysis available data were used from official sources as well as from various reports and researches with the aims to present main data and available gender disaggregated data on key areas and indicators, and to analyse and assess trends in a ten year period. Also, main institutions dealing with relevant topics were asked to provide additional data and support this research since some gender disaggregated data were not always available from main public sources.

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