UNICEF's Museum of Reality showcases life-changing lights

Fifth edition of UNICEF Museum of Reality brings interactive experiences that enlighten the possibilities of children with disabilities and the Festival of Lights 2022

10 March 2022
Museum of Reality

Zagreb 10 March 2022 – In cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, UNICEF’s Musuem of Reality will be part of the Festival of Lights for the first time this year, taking place from March 16 to 20, 2022 in Zagreb.

Entitled "In Light of Possibilities," this year's edition of UNICEF's Museum of Reality will through interactive experiences "illuminate" life's realities and opportunities for children with disabilities, with life-changing lights that most of us do not normally get to see. Special light devices used by children with developmental disabilities in sensory rooms and the experiences of blind and visually impaired children tell a unique story about lights that make the impossible possible.

Special light devices used by children with developmental disabilities in sensory rooms and the experiences of blind and visually impaired children tell a unique story about lights that make the impossible possible. 

Sensory room is a multisensory space used to provide sensory stimulation to children with sensory integration difficulties by exposing them to different stimuli or reducing sensory stimuli and allowing them to relax. Sensory rooms are used in working with children with hyperactivity, attention disorder, children with autism spectrum disorder, sensory and multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities and self-regulation.

Visitors will be able to feel, touch and experience the lights that children with disabilities help to develop and more easily engage in all aspects of life, as equal members of society.

It is often the case that people are ready and open for changes and action only when they experience something personally, despite raising public awareness about the inadequate and unequal opportunities and living conditions of children in Croatia.  UNICEF’s Museum of Reality “opens doors” to a unique experience of reality

We at UNICEF believe that support for children with disabilities should be focused on what they can do! We are committed to the aim that every child with disabilities in Croatia receives the support that he or she needs. We wish to influence attitudes, eliminate stigma and discrimination, and build awareness of the importance of creating equal opportunities  for every child, as the basis for a better society", said Regina M. Castillo, UNICEF Croatia Representative.   

"Visit the Museum of Reality, experience reality through the eyes of those who "see" the world differently from you and discover the possibilities by which we can change the reality of children with disabilities in Croatia forever!”

Regina M. Castillo, UNICEF Croatia Representative

At the Museum of Reality, visitors can find out how UNICEF helps the most vulnerable children and join the UNICEF Family of Childhood Guardians, in order to contribute to improving the lives of children with disabilities in Croatia.

This year, UNICEF's Museum of Reality will be held during the 5 days of the Festival of Lights at Zagreb Dance Center. Exhibits of the Muesum of Reality have been curated and prepared in cooperation with the Centre for rehabilitation of children and young people Mali dom in Zagreb and E-Glas company. 

UNICEF Museum of Reality
Zagreb Dance Center, Ilica 10
16 - 20 March 2022 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Entrance is free of charge!


About the UNICEF's Museum of Reality

The Museum of Reality is a unique concept in the world launched by UNICEF in Croatia. Since 2015, in its four editions, it has attracted more than 30 thousand visitors during a total of 23 days. The Museum of Reality is an experiential platform that opens the door to different experiences of reality and gives visitors the opportunity to "become a part of life" of children growing up in difficult conditions, faced with many challenges. For the first three years, the Museum of Reality was held in the Museum of Illusions, where different children's realities were presented to visitors using illusions and virtual reality, and in its fourth edition the Museum of Reality presented interactive installations in the Grič tunnel, as part of Advent in Zagreb

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