Early child development

The first years represent a once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity for every child


The first years of life greatly affect one’s achievements later on. In this period, the child’s brain develops at a speed that will not be replicated at any other time during their lifetime. It is a once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity for every child. It is difficult to make up for any opportunities not taken during this period, so it is extremely important to ensure the best possible start for every child and to provide parents with support in care and upbringing.

“It is during the first few years of life that the brain makes almost a thousand neural connections every second! This is much faster than at any other time of life, which is why the first years are exceptionally important.”

dr. Pia Rebello Britto

UNICEF’s campaign “The First Three Are the Most Important” helped raise awareness, especially that of parents, decision-makers and experts who work with children, of the importance of the first years of a child’s life and the creation of surroundings that will encourage the proper growth and development of the child.