Conscious Parenting in War and Post-War Situations

Handbook will support parents to understand children's emotions, thoughts, behavior related in war and post-war situations

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War and post-war situations are one of the most distressing and difficult periods for children and parents alike. This handbook will help parents to understand the potential negative effects and changes that these situations can have on their children's emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and will equip parents with information and skills on how to best respond to and support their children and adolescents.

The handbook has three sections - self-care and its importance for positive parenting, description of possible physical, psychological, social and emotional changes and reactions children of different ages can have in war and post-war situations, as well as practical illustrations and examples on why and how to talk to children about war and post-war situations and how to reduce their stress and address potential issues in the family.

The handbook can also be useful for professionals working with children and adolescents, such as psychologists, social workers, caregivers, and educators.

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Parenting School Armenia, UNICEF
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