EU and UNICEF sign an agreement to boost competitiveness of Armenian education system for inclusive quality education

EU4Education Reforms in Armenia will focus on efficient and accountable management system for inclusive, flexible and child-centred education for every child.

28 February 2024
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YEREVAN, 29 February, 2024 – The Delegation of the European Union announced today the EU4Education Reforms programme which, delivered in partnership with UNICEF, will contribute to the effective reform of the education system. Through this three-year programme, UNICEF will support the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports in its efforts to strengthen the efficiency and accountability of the education management system in the country, as well as to provide children and young people with opportunities to grow their potential and contribute to education reforms, with a particular focus in rural areas.

UNICEF will work with the Ministry and other stakeholders to develop relevant policies and programmes in support of the education reform, to strengthen monitoring mechanisms and data systems, and to build the capacity of educators in the design, coordination, implementation and monitoring of the education strategy. This programme will focus on the national education system while also supporting specific initiatives in the Ararat, Kotayk, Gegharkunik and Syunik regions, which have been prioritised in the national education reform.

“Through EU4Education Reforms, the European Union will help Armenia develop a well-managed education system tailored to the needs of youth and the labour market. In the long term, we hope to reduce youth unemployment, particularly among marginalized social groups and create a vibrant, well-educated, and well-trained labour force capable of contributing to the growth & green and digital transition of Armenia,” noted Mr Vassilis Maragos, Ambassador of the European Union to Armenia.

The programme is designed to contribute to the implementation of the State Programme for Development of Education in the Republic of Armenia 2030, while also supporting Armenia in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, 10, and 13. By 2027, partners aim to positively influence learning outcomes for students, institute a strengthened institutional framework with quality and financial management, transparency, and monitoring of performance. The intervention will also consider environmental factors in school management, strengthening links between climate change, disaster risk management and education sector actors.

Minister of MoESCS, Zhanna Andreasyan, underscored the importance of productive collaboration with UNICEF and the European Union across diverse areas to strengthen the ongoing educational reforms in Armenia. According to the Minister, these reforms stand as a key priority for RoA Government and remain under continuous scrutiny. "The state budget earmarks resources for educational reforms and their execution, with a significant increase in allocation. However, the financial backing from the European Union complements these efforts, fostering the successful implementation of our initiatives," stated Zhanna Andreasyan.

“Supporting the well-functioning of the education system in Armenia has been a long-standing priority for the European Union. Access to quality education is at the heart of a resilient and prosperous society, and is especially important in rural areas. Together with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and UNICEF, this programme will be crucial to continue driving forward the new national education strategy by also supporting teachers and students in taking leadership and contributing to the education reforms,” highlighted Adrienn Király, Director for Neighbourhood East and Institution Building.

"Central to our approach is the prioritization of data-driven decision-making, policy advocacy, and meaningful youth engagement. In collaboration with the EU, our shared objective extends beyond enhancing educational quality; it is about nurturing a generation of empowered change-makers,” emphasized UNICEF Representative in Armenia, Christine Weigand. “UNICEF is committed to support Armenia’s efforts to modernise its education system to provide all children and youth with inclusive quality education.”

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