Economic reintegration of trafficking survivors in Albania

A qualitative study of the experiences of survivors in accessing and frontline professionals in providing economic reintegration support


There is no definition of the term ‘economic reintegration’ of trafficking survivors that is accepted either in Albania or internationally. Reports discuss ‘economic reintegration’ with reference to the key activities associated with the process of economic reintegration, such as vocational training; access to internships; access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities; support while engaged in new livelihood activities; financial support; environment and market assessments; and monitoring and evaluation of economic reintegration.1 Economic reintegration of trafficking survivors can therefore be understood as the process through which they access a range of vocational training and employment services, in order to be economically stable, and no longer at risk of human trafficking. The reintegration of survivors of trafficking in Albania derives from the National Action Plan against Trafficking in Human Beings 2021–2023. There are several normative frameworks in the country that outline the support that should be provided to survivors across the areas of employment, health, housing and economic assistance. Despite the presence of these frameworks, the available literature suggests that there are gaps and challenges in Albania’s economic reintegration support for trafficking survivors. For example, Ramaj (2021) highlighted the challenges for survivors in accessing employment, and argued that employment services in Albania are time-consuming and demotivating for trafficking survivors.2 The present study sets out to contribute to the knowledge base regarding economic reintegration of trafficking survivors in Albania by providing a new perspective on the subject – one that explores the experiences of both survivors and frontline professionals in accessing or providing, respectively, economic reintegration support and other related services.

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Deanna Davy
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English, Albanian

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