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Tirana, 17 September 2018 - “First day of the school is a happy day when children return to school eager to learn and reconnect with their friends. If I had one wish to make in this special day it is not only to see that every child in Albania has access to quality learning but also that every child lives a positive childhood free from violence abuse and neglect” says UNICEF Representative Roberto De Bernardi.

This year, UNICEF globally is pushing for collective efforts to #endviolence in schools through a global campaign An Everyday Lesson: #ENDviolence in Schools.

We join this global initiative by wishing that this academic year and the reforms undertaken by Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth pay off and that we see less bullying and violence of any form against children. We are aiming to create a network of schools certified to be violence free which would ultimately become a laboratory for exchange and learning for all schools in Albania.


Dismantling the barriers of disability 

31 October 2018 - Worldwide, children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable and marginalized, with greater risk of deprivation and exclusion from services and other opportunities. They face stigma, have poor access to quality healthcare services, social services, and education. Facing discrimination, their families often leave these children in residential institutions limiting opportunities for the rehabilitation and development to the full potential.

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Based on different areas of studies, UNICEF aims to bring a clear picture on the situation of children in Albania. The studies, research and reports made are published here for those interested.

Latest Report

The TransMonEE report is developed in close collaboration with the Albanian National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) in response to the 2015 TransMonEE Country Analytical Report (CAR) Guidance to portray the data related situation in Albania for children from minority ethnic groups.
The report presents each of the core TransMonEE CAR guidance questions in turn and attempts to answer them as clearly as possible using INSTAT data backed up by other authoritative information.
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