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Albania celebrates results in education for a better future of our children and society

Tirana, 27 November 2017 – Analysis of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) results 2015, show that Albanian children have the same level as their peers in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries regarding social equity and resilience despite coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.


On the first day of school, UNICEF call for more investment to improve inclusive education in Albania.

Tirana, September 14, 2017 – The first day back at school for 27.000 children in Albania is a reason to celebrate. UNICEF Albania would like to wish a very successful journey towards knowledge to each boy and girl entering school for the first time this year.

UNICEF would also like to recognize the huge efforts carried out by the Albanian teachers to help shape a generation of children who learn, are exemplary citizens and who with their knowledge and skills will be able to compete in the labor markets of the 21-st century.

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Based on different areas of studies, UNICEF aims to bring a clear picture on the situation of children in Albania. The studies, research and reports made are published here for those interested.

Latest Report

The TransMonEE report is developed in close collaboration with the Albanian National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) in response to the 2015 TransMonEE Country Analytical Report (CAR) Guidance to portray the data related situation in Albania for children from minority ethnic groups.
The report presents each of the core TransMonEE CAR guidance questions in turn and attempts to answer them as clearly as possible using INSTAT data backed up by other authoritative information.
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