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UNICEF is deeply concerned with the recent news brought to light by the media, indicating potential risks of children’s exposure to sexual exploitation online and pedophilia! We strongly condemn any act of child abuse and call upon the entire Albanian society to redouble efforts to protect our children from such harm. We stand with children to secure their imperative human rights – the right to life and thrive in a peaceful and loving environment! UNICEF calls on the entire Albanian society – parents, care givers, teachers, social workers, police officers, community leaders – to join efforts in transforming our communities into peaceful, safe and positive spaces for children. Albanian boys and girls, like everyone else deserve to follow their dreams and aspirations, deserve to play, learn, explore the world and find new friends, even on the internet, but without fear to be harmed and abused!


“We have the United Nations mandate, but most importantly we have a moral obligation to put an end to all forms of violence against our children. UNICEF in Albania is fully committed to continue and further intensify our partnership and support to the Government, Civil Society Groups, Community members and leaders across the country as we work towards this critical goal. No child in in this great country deserves to be left behind, unprotected and vulnerable” - said Roberto De Bernardi, UNICEF Representative in Albania.  


More focused investments and greater cooperation to increase children’s access to safe online content – says UNICEF

Tirana, 4 July 2018 - Today, a multi stakeholder meeting on ‘Child Protection Online in Albania” was held to discuss the measures for the protection of children from access to materials of harmful or illegal content on the internet.

Despite the profound benefits of the Internet, children and young people can face several risks when using Information Communication Technology, such as exposure to inappropriate content, inappropriate contact, or violation of their privacy. These online risks may cause adverse impacts on children that can violate their rights—from their rights to protection from sexual exploitation and violence to their right to privacy.

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Based on different areas of studies, UNICEF aims to bring a clear picture on the situation of children in Albania. The studies, research and reports made are published here for those interested.

Latest Report

The TransMonEE report is developed in close collaboration with the Albanian National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) in response to the 2015 TransMonEE Country Analytical Report (CAR) Guidance to portray the data related situation in Albania for children from minority ethnic groups.
The report presents each of the core TransMonEE CAR guidance questions in turn and attempts to answer them as clearly as possible using INSTAT data backed up by other authoritative information.
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