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Inclusive education a pathway to attain social inclusion

Tirana, 30 June 2017 – A regional workshop to introduce UNICEF’s Teacher Preparation Toolkit on inclusive education as the basis for reforming pre-service teacher education has concluded today in Tirana. During the last two days, the inclusive education theme has gathered teachers and educators from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Serbia and Tajikistan to discuss how best university programmes can prepare teachers on inclusive education.


Despite ongoing reforms, Albania’s under-resourced education system is struggling to improve equity and quality. Children face many barriers to school participation and learning. Inclusive education seeks to address the diverse learning needs of all children. This is further supported by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that all children have the right to receive the kind of education that does not discriminate on the basis of disability, ethnicity, language, gender or capabilities.


Governments must invest in immunizing the most vulnerable children and addressing vaccine hesitancy

Statement by UNICEF’s Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia Afshan Khan for World Immunization Week


GENEVA, 24 April, 2017 - “UNICEF is urging governments in Europe and Central Asia to invest in health systems that prioritize reaching the most vulnerable children with life-saving immunizations alongside national campaigns to address the concerning trend of growing vaccine hesitancy.”

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Based on different areas of studies, UNICEF aims to bring a clear picture on the situation of children in Albania. The studies, research and reports made are published here for those interested.

Latest Report

The TransMonEE report is developed in close collaboration with the Albanian National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) in response to the 2015 TransMonEE Country Analytical Report (CAR) Guidance to portray the data related situation in Albania for children from minority ethnic groups.
The report presents each of the core TransMonEE CAR guidance questions in turn and attempts to answer them as clearly as possible using INSTAT data backed up by other authoritative information.
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