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Since May 16, 2018 Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo* are part of the U-Report community under the U-Report Western Balkans framework that represents a unique joint effort to address issues of the young people in a sub-regional context. U-Report is a free and anonymous digital tool, created by UNICEF Global that interacts with young people ages 15 and higher, (with a focus on those ages 15 to 24), who sign up to become U-Reporters through simple polls sent via Viber (soon they will be able to use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp).  This platform seeks to address the challenges of voicing youth concerns in policy processes and solutions particularly at the local level. U-Report promotes dialogue, freedom of expression, and gives youth the platform and the voice to actively participate and help shape policy development, and to become more informed about matters that are important to them so that they can make a difference in their communities.

U-Reporters sign up in the U-Report to give free and anonymous responses to polls based on issues and challenges common in the communities where youth is present.

The polls are focused on challenges that are most relevant to U-Reporters in their respective communities, and they give youth the means and a channel for stating and discussing their opinions and satisfaction with regards to rights, equality, socio-political and economic developments. The most recent U-Report poll in Albania asked about environment and ways that young people can participate in the solutions against environmental degradation and pollution. This polls clearly indicated that young people are very conscientious about environment and ready to participate actively to solve environmental challenges and issues in their communities. 

The results of the responses are analyzed with the purpose of outlining important information and insight on priority issues at the national and local level. 

U-Report is youth centered and seeks solutions to problems and challenges from them. By joining U-Report youth can speak up on community issues, utilize results and information to update and increase awareness among people, participate in campaigns and share what is happening with other U-Reporters. 

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