Child Rights Monitoring

Evidence-based decision-making leading towards better results for children



Boys and girls in Albania face wide-ranging and multi-faceted vulnerabilities

There is still way to go in fully realizing the rights of every girl and boy. Not denying the fact that much of the policies by the Government are in place, there is a lack in enforcement of these initiatives at national and local level. And due to improper measurement and monitoring, relatively low success is seen in reaching concrete child development outcomes.



UNICEF contributes to creating an enabling environment in which child’s rights are effectively fulfilled and protected

UNICEF generates independent data, research, evaluation and analysis about the situation of boys and girls and critical bottlenecks to the realization of their rights.

UNICEF strengthens national collection, availability and use of reliable, fit-for-purpose, disaggregated data.

UNICEF promotes and develops accountability institutions, mechanisms and partnerships for effective monitoring of child rights implementation and better outcomes for boys and girls.

UNICEF supports an environment in which boys and girls are recognized as rights holders.