What every adolescent should know about pregnancy, breastfeeding and other related facts

This booklet is designed especially for adolescents regardless of race, tribe, religion and age. It was designed with input from Adolescents.

Adolescent Pregnancies


You have the right to be healthy!
At the same time, use this information to talk with your parents, guardian, or another adult you trust about sex and relationships.
They were adolescents once, too! You need understanding and support from your parents/caregivers, teachers, health workers, relatives and community leaders! Read the booklet together with your partner if available. His support and involvement during your pregnancy, during childbirth and after birth will alleviate the stress on you and create a good environment for a happy and healthy family. If your partner/boyfriend rejected you when you fell pregnant, do not despair: nurses, counselors or doctors at your nearest clinic or hospital will support you and can also talk to your parents/caregivers on the importance of support to you. If you are also having sex during pregnancy or breastfeeding, you can protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) using condoms.
If you want to use contraception and family planning, talk with your health care provider. Ask about all types of birth control methods and which is best for you. The best birth control method for you is abstinence or the one you use in the correct way, each and every time you have sex!

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