UNICEF Zimbabwe/2013/Nyamanhindi

Drought Drives Some Apostolic Faith Members to Seek Medical Help for Children

Sister Silindiwe Shamhu had never seen anything like it in her decade at Murambinda Mission Hospital – a woman in Apostolic faith headdress on the hospital grounds with a child.


UNICEF Zimbabwe/2013

UNICEF and the Government of Zimbabwe screens children for malnutrition

One and half year old Lumunhu Muchimba gives a loud cry as the Village Health Worker weighs him on the scale. The Village Health Worker quickly notes down the weight before handing the child over to his mother and examines his feet for swelling as a result of excess water retention. The swelling of feet is 



UNICEF Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Poorest Feel El Nino Pain as Drought Withers Harvests, Kills Livestock (decimates herds)

For four months Ripisai Manonge and her four orphan grandchildren and great grandchild have survived on half a dollar a day. Now she can’t go on, she says.


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